Screen Printing Machine ALL IN ONE

Automatic Silk Screen Printing Machine ALL IN ONE non-manual is very efficient in the print job screenKatana 5055 | Imagesetter Machine Supply. Read more ... » printingCheap Poster Printing Services | SMART TIPS. Read more ... » t-shirts, paper, cardboard, plasticBisnis Kemasan Plastik INDONESIA. Read more ... », mica, wood, metal, etc.. This is the version of digital printingONLINE Photo Editor. Read more ... » equipment full-automaticAutomatic Die Cutting Machine. Read more ... » rather than a conventional manual screening. It is suitable for screen printingBisnis Percetakan Sablon | Keuntungan & Manfaatnya. Read more ... » businessBusiness Location in Residential Area. Read more ... » activities.

Mesin Sablon Otomatis ALL IN ONE BEST SELLER Products
Screen Printing MachineGTO 52 4 Color. Read more ... » ALL IN ONE

A spacious work desk screen printing and comes with a suction device (vacuum) that will print screen printing media, enabling the level of perfect flatness when the inkwell (screen) attached to the media / printed materials, stencil prints were really flat…

The screen printing machineSAKURAI 2 Color Screen Printing Press. Read more ... » operator will not feel tired when holding the screen stencil prints must look at the printed medium. The squeegees tool unnecessary restraints such as how toGraphic Design Business | How to Boost QUICKLY. Read more ... » manually screen printing  in t-shirts, will be automatically pulled back and forth ink ..

Automatic Silk Screen Printing Machine ALL IN ONE

Mesin Sablon Otomatis ALL IN ONE


Work processes automatic printing machine:

pasang screen sablon
setel anleg sablon
layout anleg sablon
tuang tinta sablon
proses cetak sablon
hasil cetak sablon
cetak warna kedua, dst...
pedal kontrol manual

SpecificationHeidelberg Speedmaster 102 F - 5 Color. Read more ... » Automatic Silk Screen Printing Machine ALL IN ONE

Max area cetak 60×90 cm | Power 3500Watts | Dimension 180x120x135 cm

MODEL : T 4060 T 6090 T 80120 

Max. Printing acreage : 40 x 60 cm 60 x 90 cm 80 x 120 cm
Max. Size of the frame : 60 x 70 cm 90 x 110 cm 100 x 130 cm
Max. Printing SpeedRyobi 1050 Offset Press. Read more ... » : 1200 pcs/h 1200 pcs/h 1000 pcs/h
Working air pressure : 0Ryobi 3304 HA 4 Color Printing Machines. Read more ... ».5-0.8 mpa 0.5-0.8 mpa 0.5-0.8 mpa
Power / voltage : 220 V / 3 220 V / 4 380 V / 5
Weight : 450 kg 500 kg 580 kg


Ready Stock:  T6090 and T80120

( NEW! Built in Wood Packing )

Silk Screen Machine Multifunction (All in one): to print t-shirt screen printing, t-shirts, paper, cardboard, wood, stickers, mica or plastic, just replace the screen and type ink only. Want to print t-shirts, yes replace it with a special screen for t-shirts and t-shirts screen printing ink. Likewise, if you want to stencil transparent sticker, chromo or vinyl, live and replace it with a screen printing ink according to media stickers, etc..

Easy doing, efficient, multifunctional, fast working processOffset Printing Works Today!. Read more ... » and a lot of their products.

How it works and print technique were exactly the same as manual screen printing equipment. Screen printing machine works automatically, pull and push ink squeegee full-automatic screen printing. Work arrangements are fast or slow speed it can also be configured. Automation in a micro-computerTeknologi dan Bisnis Percetakan. Read more ... » programmed and controlled with the buttons or by stamping on the pedal at the bottom of the foot (on floor) to work it manually one by one…

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  1. these machines are quite costly and useful also very few companies are involved in this printing as it s part are not easily repaired and it requires lot of care while working so it requires an expert

  2. Woauiy says:

    Thanks a lot…

    Hi, I really like this screen printing machine manual article, pretty good reading. I’ll be looking forward to coming again….

  3. suharto says:

    berapa harga mesin all in one tipe T4060

  4. burhan asegaf says:

    Mohon infokan harga mesin sablon ke email saya

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