Ryobi 1050 Offset Press

RyobiRyobi 520 1 Color Offset Machine. Read more ... » 1050 series, the new high-speed multi-color offset pressFuji Shinohara 52 Specification. Read more ... », now available in JakartaUsed Printing Machines | HERE the PLACE. Read more ... », IndonesiaBisnis Kemasan Plastik INDONESIA. Read more ... ». These printingBrochure Templates Printing SOURCES. Read more ... » machines series available in 4 color4 Colors Printing Machines. Read more ... », 5 color and 6 color printing machinesHeidelberg Printing Machines SERIES. Read more ... » model.

RYOBI 1050 Series
RYOBI 1050-5 RYOBI 1050 Series


Let’s see the details of specificationHeidelberg Speedmaster 102 F - 5 Color. Read more ... » of Ryobi 1050 series

Ryobi 1050
Ryobi 1050 series


Automatic Functions Ensure High Performance and Superb Operability

RYOBI PCS-L Printing Control System 

Various settings from print make-ready through to actual printing including changing of paper, cleaning, registration, dampeningHASHIMOTO Used Printing Machine. Read more ... » volume control, etc., can be managed directly from the RYOBI PCS-L.
Two types of settings can be managed at the same time using the dual-type operation monitors.
Impression Pressure Preset and Paper Size Preset (option)
The RYOBI 1050 series allows the operator to enter preset values for paper size and thickness using the touch-panel display. The positions of the feeder head and delivery section guides as well as the pull side guides can be preset. An impression pressure preset system is provided as a standard feature.
RYOBI Semi-RPC Semiautomatic Plate Change
On the Semi-RPC, because the plates are set in place using positioning pins, high-precision plate mounting is easily accomplished with push-button control. The Semi-RPC does not need to bend the plate’s leading or tail edge.
RYOBI Full-RPC Fully AutomaticAutomatic Die Cutting Machine. Read more ... » Plate Changer (option)
On the Full-RPC, plate mounting and removal is entirely controlled from the RYOBI PCS-L touch panel, and the operator is free to carry out other tasks while the plates are being automatically changed. The Full-RPC does not need to bend the plate’s leading or tail edge.
Automatic Cleaning Devices
Automatic blanket cleaning device, Automatic Ink roller cleaning device, Automatic impression cylinder cleaning device (option)

High-quality Printing Through Superior Design

RYOBI PQS Inline Printing Quality Control System (option)
The RYOBI PQS is an inline printing quality control system that controls ink density during the print run. A CCD camera mounted at the delivery section, takes a digital image to measure the density of the color bar on the printed sheets. Values needed to correct the color densities to match those of target densities are calculated and provided as feedback to printing control system, which appropriately adjusts the openings of the ink fountain keys. The RYOBI PQS allows efficient color adjustment and reduces wasted printing sheets.
Movable Shell Type Skeleton Transfer Drum (option)
The RYOBI 1050 series employs a doublediameter impression cylinder and a doublediameter transfer drum. An optional movable shell type skeleton transfer drum accommodates different print stock types and thicknesses by shifting the shell, ensuring consistent print quality by minimizing scratching and marking of print stock.
Transfer Drum Air Guide Plate (option) 

The transfer drums are equipped with air guide plates to ensure minimal scratching to print stock even during high-speed printing.

Flexibility to Handle a Wide Range of Jobs

Wide Paper Size for More Utility 

The maximum printing area is 1,050 x 710 mm (41.34″ x 27.95″) with S types and 1,050 x 770 mm (41.34″ x 30.31″) with XL types. The presses can also print on stock from a lightweight 0Ryobi 3304 HA 4 Color Printing Machines. Read more ... ».04 mm (0.0016″) to a heavy 0.6 mm (0.024″) *. The RYOBI 1050 series has the flexibility to print commercial jobs such as posters, large newspaperNewspaper Web Offset Machine | WEB LEADER. Read more ... » inserts and pamphlets as well as labels and packagingIndustri Flexible Packaging. Read more ... ».
* An option is available to enable printing on 1.0 mm (0.039″) stock.

Paper Feed Mechanisms Enables Stable Paper Transportation

The suction tape feeder board and tape slow-down mechanism transport sheets to printing unit smoothly. The tape slow-down mechanism efficiently decelerates each sheet to ensure reliable front lay and pull side guide for sheet positioning. This achieves highly accurate sheet feeding.

Suction Tape Feeder Board


High Value-added Printing

Inline Coating System 

The RYOBI 1050 series can be equipped with a chamber type doctor blade coating system for inline application of an aqueous or UV varnish coating. Besides adding value by protecting the printed surface or providing a glossy finish, faster drying enables shorter lead times. When the varnish coating system is not being used, the entire coating cylinder and anilox roller can be easily slid upward at the touch of a button to prevent marking on the sheet.

Chamber Type Doctor Blade
Coating System
Choice of Four Delivery Systems 

Combining a coating and UV curing unit not only provides quick drying for a shorter delivery time, it also makes possible high-value-added printing such as printing on film, metallized paper and other non absorptive materials, as well as chemical embossed printing and lenticular printing.

Inter-deck UV curing unit
over the impression cylinder



Model name
Number of
printing units
Max. Paper size
(W x L)
1,085 x 780 mm (42.72″ x 30.71″)

(The maximum paper size that can be fed will vary according to the printing conditions, printing environment, type of paper, and other factors.)

Min. Paper size
(W x L)
480 x 340 mm (18.9″ x 13.39″)
Max. Printing Area
(W x L)
S type : 1,050 x 710 mm (41.34″ x 27.95″)
XL type : 1,050 x 770 mm (41.34″ x 30.31″)
Paper Thickness*1
Standard : 0.04 – 0.6 mm (0.0016″ – 0.024″)
Option :     0.04 -1.0 mm (0.0016″ – 0.039″)
Printing Speed*2
4,000-16,000 S.P.H.
(16,200 S.P.H is possible on special request.)
Plate Size
S type : 1,060 x 800 mm (41.73″ x 31.5″)
XL type: 1,060 x 850 mm (41.73″ x 33.46″)
[positioning pin pitch: 780 mm (30.71″)]
Feeder Pile Capacity
1,300 mm (51.18″) (including height of skid type paper pile board)
Delivery Pile Capacity
1,300 mm (51.18″)
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
*1 Printable paper thickness may vary according to paper stock.
*2 Printing speed may vary depending on printing environment, ink, paper stock, type of printing plateRyobi 3304 HA 4 Color Printing Machines. Read more ... », and required printing quality.


Available for other models of Ryobi printing machines to sale:


Ryobi 520Ryobi 520 1 Color Offset Machine. Read more ... » GX Series

RYOBI 520GX Series






Model name
Number of Printing Units
Max. Paper Size
(W x L)
520 x 375 mm (20.47″ x 14.76″)
Min. Paper Size
(W x L)
100 x 105 mm (3.94″ x 4.13″)
Straight: 100 x 105 mm (3.94″ x 4.13″)
Perfecting: 100 x 150 mm (3.94″ x 5.91″)
Max. Printing Area
(W x L)
505 x 350 mm (19.88″ x 13.78″)



Ryobi 520 GE Series







Model name
Number of printing units
Max. Paper size
(W x L)
520 x 375 mm (20.47″ x 14.76″)
Min. Paper size
(W x L)
100 x 105 mm (3.94″ x 4.13″)
Max. Printing Area
(W x L)
505 x 350 mm (19.88″ x 13.78″)



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