HP DesignJet 2500CP Poster Printer

PrinterTeknologi dan Bisnis Percetakan. Read more ... » HP Designjet 2500CP poster printingCheap Poster Printing Services | SMART TIPS. Read more ... » is just like any other printer, but here are a few things to remember:

HP Designjet 2500CP poster printing

* You will need to set the page size in two locations within your application. For instance, in Word you need to set the page size under File->Page Setup. Then, when you print the posterCheap Poster Printing Services | SMART TIPS. Read more ... » you will need to set the Paper Size under the printer Properties. You will need to set up a custom size in both locations…

* When setting the page size, set it to 36” by however long you need it to be, even if your poster is less than 36” on all sides.
* The paper for this printer comes on a roll that is 36” wide. However, the printer cannot print close to the edges, so you must leave about 1.2” of space around every side. This means the maximum size of one side of the poster image must be equal to or less than 33.6”. In other words, don’t use the whole 36” page. Always leave a bit more than a 1” border around your entire poster.
* Many programs have a built-in “ruler” feature (typically under the “View” menu) that allows you to check the margins more easily.
* DO NOT PRINT BACKGROUND COLORS! Ink for this printer is very expensive.
* Every application has its own quirks and issues. Two that seem to work well are PowerPoint and Adobe Reader/Distiller.
* Use the Preview feature to make sure it looks right – it’s a great way to tell if you got the margins and page size correct!

Other things to remember of  HP DesignJet 2500CP Poster Printer:

* The HP Designjet 2500CP printer is only for use by Science Division faculty/staff and students thereof.
* The poster printer can use matte or glossy paper – check which is in the printer before you print! Barron or Adam can show you how toGraphic Design Business | How to Boost QUICKLY. Read more ... » change the paper. In a pinch Jeff Thole or Patty Pfalz can help.
* Please only use glossy paper for conferences and other such events.
* PrintingUsed Printing Machines | HERE the PLACE. Read more ... » is SLOW! The size and complexity of the poster can dramatically increase the amount of time it takes to complete. Send your poster to the printer at least ONE FULL DAY in advance, preferably more. Leave yourself some extra time in case there’s a problem and you need to reprint.
* If you are doing a lot of printing, please notify Adam Nave. If you have a class printing posters, see Adam well in advance to schedule student printing. Please give as much notice as possible!
* Save yourself a huge headache and proofread thoroughly. Try printing a smaller test version on a regular printer and see if there are any obvious problems.

* If your poster prints and it’s only 8.5” x 11”, you probably missed a page size setting.
* If the poster comes out on multiple sheets, your poster size was too big. Remember to leave a greater than 1 inch border around the entire poster.

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