Fuji Shinohara Offset Machine

Fuji ShinoharaFuji Shinohara 52 Specification. Read more ... » is one of the leading manufacturers of offset printing machinesHeidelberg Printing Machines SERIES. Read more ... » from JapanHamada 800 DX | JAPAN Printing Machine. Read more ... », like SakuraiOliver 102 1 Color Printing Machine. Read more ... » from Japan as well its field in printingBrochure Templates Printing SOURCES. Read more ... » machineries.

Fuji Shinohara 58

Here are the histories of ShinoharaFuji Shinohara 52 Offset SALE. Read more ... » Machinery Co., Ltd. of Japan

1919, Shinohara Machinery Co., Ltd. is established by Kanzaburo Shinohara in Shizuoka to manufacture machine tool making equipment.

1948, Shinohara Machinery Company begins manufacturing flat-bed letterpress machines.

1953, Shinohara Machinery Company is designated by the Printing Office of the Ministry of Finance as a model printing machineGTO 52 4 Color. Read more ... » maker.

1957, The first automaticAutomatic Die Cutting Machine. Read more ... » two revolution letterpress machine in Japan is developed and manufactured by Shinohara Machinery Co” Ltd.

1961, Shinohara Machinery Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures the FujiFuji Shinohara 52 Specification. Read more ... » 16 high pile automatic letterpress machine; export of Shinohara machines to overseas markets is commenced.

1964, Afoundry plant is built in Mariko to produce the castings for all Shinohara machinery.

1966, The 66 (26 inch) Fuji Ace and the 52 (20 inch) Fuji 8 rotary letter presses are developed and manufactured.

1971, The 102cm (40 inch ) Fuji Rotor rotary letterpress is developed and manufactured.

Shinohara Machinery Co., Ltd. opens three domestic branch offices to increase the salesDifferences of Marketing Strategy and MARKETING PLAN. Read more ... » and serviceCheap Poster Printing Services | SMART TIPS. Read more ... » support network throughout Japan,

1973-1974, The new headquarters for Shinohara Machinery Co., Ltd. is completed. The Fuji 58 offset printing pressHASHIMOTO Used Printing Machine. Read more ... » is developed and manufactured.

1975, The Fuji 50 offset pressXSHEEN Offset Printing Machine. Read more ... » is developed and manufactured as the second offset press introduced by the Shinohara Machinery Co” Ltd.

1978-1979, The Fuji 65 single-color and Fuji 65llP two-color convertible perfector offset presses are developed and manufactured.

1982, The Fuji 52 single-color and the Fuji 82TIP two-color convertible perfector offset presses are introduced.

1983, The Fuji 52IIP two-color convertible perfector press enters production.

1984, Fuji offsetFuji Shinohara 52 Specification. Read more ... » presses are renamed Shinohara offset presses.

The Shinohara 66 Multicolor offset press series is developed and manufactured.

A new computerTeknologi dan Bisnis Percetakan. Read more ... » controlled foundry and annealing plant is completed at Kikugawa.

1985, The Shinohara 66 single-color offset press is introduced.

1986, The new Mariko plant is completed to increase the production of the Shinohara 52 and 58 series of offset presses.

1988, The Shinohara 52 Multicolor series and the 66 Multicolor Aqueous Coating System are developed and manufactured.

1989, Shinohara opens a sales, service, and parts office in Jacksonville, Florida in the United States of America.

The Shinohara 66II two-color and 66IIP two-color convertible perfector offset presses are introduced

1992, The new Shinohara 52 and 56 one color, two color and two color convertible perfector offset press series are developed and manufactured.

1994, Shinohara opens a corporate office in Chicago, expanding the U.S.A. operation to two locations to serve the dealer sales network and Shinohara machine endusers.

1995, The Shinohara 104IIP two-color convertible perfector offset press is developed and manufactured.

1997, The Shinohara 74 Multicolor offset press series is introduced. A plan to open a third Shinohara office in the United States is unveiled at the Print ’97 exhibitionINDOPLAS 2012 Exhibition. Read more ... » in Chicago.

1998, Sales office opened in San Francisco, California to serve the U.S. West Coast region

2000, Shinohara 74 Multicolor series re-sized and re-named Shinohara 75 Multicolor

2001, Capability of the 66 and 75 series increased to 8 colors

2002, New addition to the Multicolor line announced, same size as the previous Shinohara 56.

High-pile specifications added to the 52 Multicolor series.

Low-pile specifications added to the 66 and 75 series. Optional UV/varnish coating system introduced.

2003, Medium-pile series Shinohara 66 / 75 added to product line-up New design models debuted at IGAS 2003 Shinohara 79 Multicolor series added to product line-up.


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