Automatic Die Cutting Machine

BC1050 die cutting machine with automaticSAKURAI 2 Color Screen Printing Press. Read more ... » vertical die cuttingCylinder Die Cutting Machine HEIDELBERG. Read more ... » system. CreasingCylinder Die Cutting Machine HEIDELBERG. Read more ... » & cutting machinePOLAR 115 EMC Cutting Machines. Read more ... » for paper (cardboard, paperboard, packagingINDOPLAS 2012 Exhibition. Read more ... », etc) can be functioned as a hotprintMesin Hotprint+Repro Klise. Read more ... » + embossMesin Hot Print OTOMATIS. Read more ... » machine, paper tray feeder is equipped with input for print media. PrintingCheap Poster Printing Services | SMART TIPS. Read more ... » finishing machines with high productivity, the volume of output lots of quantities and very fast works (high speed = 7500 sheets / hour).

Die Cutting Machine-Vertical with paper tray feeder

See the benefits of this automatic die cutting machineIIJIMA 1000 Stripping | Die Cutting Machine. Read more ... »

Automatic Creasing Die Cutting Platen | BC1050

Automatic Creasing Die Cutting Platen | BC1050

With principle of seriation and standardization, automatic die cutting machineMesin Pon Kertas Bekas Murah. Read more ... » BC-1050 is designed and produced at its most to conform to design style of our automatic machine with strippingIIJIMA 1000 Stripping | Die Cutting Machine. Read more ... » model BC-1050S. This gives BC-1050S machine good versatility.

With modularization design principle, BC-1050S offers you flexible function combinations such as: die cutting and delivery; die cutting, stripping and delivery; die cutting, stripping, blanking and deliver.

Non-stop feeding and delivery, automatic single-sheet inserting as counter, single sheet proof and automatic final job transmission rail reduce operator’s labour intensity to its lowest.

Concise and visual touch screens interface give more convenient operation. Considerable alarming system allows more visual trouble indications.

This automatic die cutting machine is designed strictly in accordance with CE standards. And the safety switches with three contractors in all protection doors and windows ensure machine operator safety further.

Model BC-1050
Max paper size 1050 x 740mm
Min paper size 400 x 360mm
Paper thickness 80-2000gsm
Corrugated paper ≤4mm
Max machine speed/Capacity 7500 sheets/hr
Max operating pressure 300T
Min gripping edge size 9.5mm
Max die-cutting range 1040 x 730mm
Die-cutting precision ±0Ryobi 3304 HA 4 Color Printing Machines. Read more ... ».075mm
Power 19KW
Weight 13.5 Tons
Dimension 6100 x 3600 x 2100mm

BC1050 series die-cutting machine and die-cutting & stamping machine (for hotprint + embossed) feature high precision, high speed, durability and stable performance.

Features and advantagesPC Tablet DISADVANTAGES. Read more ... »:

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